Sharmee Pratt: How to Transform Your Mind To Improve Your Life

Sharmee is a Comeback Champion! She is a Life Coach, Educator, Prolific Author, and an Advocate of Mind Management.

Sharmee is the Founder/CEO of Sharmee’s Mind Management School, where the emphasis is on helping those she encounters to keep their head in the game. After she battled with mental illness over 20 years ago, it has been her life’s passion to help and teach others the power to transform their minds.


What motivated you to become a life coach?
Seeing the need and silent cry for help in others and understanding some of the pain that people walk in without recognizing the source of their issues. After I was freed from bondage, I had a passion for reaching back and pulling others out.


“Your past tells you where you have been; never where you are going.”


Can you describe your coaching process and how you help individuals?

My coaching process is somewhat unique. I help people to get their minds in check by understanding their way of thinking, which is their biggest hindrance. Many of the coaches that I’m aware, help people to deal with symptoms. Where I, on the other hand, help clients to deal with their belief system. If I can help you understand your belief system’s faultiness, I can help you transform your entire life. Many people live their lives centered around what they have believed from circumstances and trauma rather than who they are. Most people live in facts, but I teach them how to live in the reality of truth.

Tell us about Sharmee’s Mind Management School?

Sharmee’s Mind Management School was established in May of this year. After Covid19 hit the world and the state of fear that was released, I knew that people would need a lifeline. Many people were already in a state of confusion and panic emotionally, and the pandemic didn’t make things better. That’s when my Coach and I got together and came up with a plan of action! Sharmee’s Mind Management School is centered on transforming the mind. I don’t like to use the word change because there are two different processes with the two. We transform so that people can be reformed into their life destiny, and purpose. I like to tell people that we are programmers at the Mind Management School, but for us to program anyone, we have to first deprogram them starts with us dealing with the belief system.


Give 3 tips that may help someone change their negative mindset?

I have 3 simple principles, which are to
1. Acknowledge
2. Agree
3. Replace.
These 3 principles will work every time if a person is looking to truly transform how they think. In order to make these three things a daily habit, a person has to think about what they are thinking about, which means to take notice of your thoughts. Which is something many people don’t do.


Has your personal life experiences of being diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression, and bulimia inspired the work you do?

Certainly! It caused me to have a level of compassion that some may not have when it comes to mental illness. Because I have been touched with the feelings of those infirmities there’s a depth that I can enter into with people that some may cannot.


What advice would you offer someone who may be experiencing some personal trauma?

My advice would be to not allow trauma to define you. Many people stay inside a state of trauma their entire life. The one thing that many don’t realize is that the brain doesn’t know if the trauma is happening at the moment or if it has happened in the past. So the brain reacts to the emotion if a person always thinks about the traumatic situation they have experienced in life. As hard as this is for people, one of my greatest pieces of advice is a simple yet powerful word: to forgive.


You are an accomplished author. Please tell us about your books.

My latest two books are The Dangers of Interference and a 21-day devotional entitled From Saturation to Transformation. Then I have Breaking Free from Within, Who or What’s Persuading You, Crushing the Olive Will Release the Oil, Stop No Trespassing Illegal Access, and I recently Co-Authored Keep it Moving… Your Destiny Awaits.


How can readers connect with you?

You can go to my website at
Facebook – Sharmee Pratt.
Instagram – Sharmee Pratt.



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