Valencia Griffin-Wallace: The Woman Who Defied the Odds

Valencia Griffin Wallaceby Jessica Mosley

It’s not every day that you meet someone who has been through hell and back and does not complain about it. Valencia Wallace-Griffin is one heck of a woman! She took the hardships that were thrown at her and used them as her stepping-stones to not only build a successful business but to become the force to be reckoned with that she is today! Clearly, she is the definition of God’s grace on display. Listen in on the candid conversation that she had with us…

Courageous Woman: Who is Valencia at her core?
Valencia: Valencia at her core is an unapologetically strong woman. I am a confident woman, but I wasn’t always like this–I had to fight to be here. I’m also very caring, and one of my biggest strengths is knowing where to release my energy.

Courageous Woman: What is your definition of being courageous?
Valencia: The word courageous means to me is the ability to face fear. I’ve had to face fear many, many times. I stand in my truth. I’ve learned that the power comes when you face things, not hide from them. Strength, courage, and wisdom are my foundation.


Courageous Woman: Tell me about a time when you had to be courageous.
Valencia: I got pregnant with my son at 19. I didn’t want kids because I was afraid I would mess them up. I was afraaaaaid! Nevertheless, I made a decision to have the child anyway. That was 20 years ago. My son was one of the biggest blessings of my life. I had never had great examples of parents. Both my parents had been drug abusers, and my Mom was murdered when I was 17. My dad had disappeared long before my Mom’s murder. My son actually helped me to grow up. In essence, those were my courageous moments.

Courageous Woman: How did you make it during that time?

Valencia: A lot of prayer. My son actually was my saving grace.

Courageous Woman: What advice would you give a woman that wants to give up?
Valencia: Don’t! Think about what you’ve already accomplished. Think on those things. Somebody is watching you and wanting you to WIN! Keep fighting!

Courageous Woman: What are you most proud of?
Valencia: That’s definitely a loaded question. I would say being able to share my hardships. I didn’t wait on someone to open a door for me. I had to sometimes KICK IT IN! Or, I would create the door. I set the example! I’ve been kicking down doors my whole life. That’s what it’s all about. You just have to fight on the level you are.
you can see, life hasn’t always been easy for Valencia. But she’s done what Beyoncé
described Jay Z grandmother to have done. She’s taken lemons and made lemonade.
She’s risen above the statistics and made it! Isn’t it something when the
lyrics of a song become real in your life? It’s true–what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger! Valencia has proven that to be true!


Valencia Griffin-Wallace is an International speaker, bestselling author, and radio show host. She is passionate about helping women build unapologetic confidence and become goal-getters. As a wife, mother, and a bonus mom who runs several businesses, she understands that it is easy for women to put themselves last. By giving women bite-sized steps with realistic but challenging goals, she has helped women write books, start speaking, and more. She founded Define U Radio, Define U Movement and Define U Live where women get the strategies needed to change their life.
Please connect with Valencia on Facebook: Valencia Griffin-Wallace

Jessica Mosley is the owner of J.Mosley Publishing, J.Mosley PR FIRM, and the MizCEO Society for Women Coaches. She is also the Host of The MizCEO Radio Show. Connect with her on Instagram: @jessicaellemosley.

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