Tune in to The Courageous Woman Radio Show Tuesday Night!

Tune into the Courageous Woman Radio Show tonight on Icbsradio.org!

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Angela McGowanAngela McGowan is Compassionate, Authentic, and Caring with over 20 years of Healthcare experience. She is recognized as a strategic Professional Healthcare Advocate maneuvering through the Sea of Red Tape and is relentless in getting her Clients’ needs met regardless of where they are in the Healthcare process {i.e. patient Outpatient Care; In-Patient Care; In-Home Care; Facility Care and End of Life Rights and Care. As a Professional Healthcare Advocate Angela is empowered thru her personal experiences and intimate knowledge of working on a job while being the main caretaker of her husband who suffered from both critical illnesses and catastrophic diseases. Angela has the ability to resolve the issues that plague the Patient, Family members, and Caretakers. Angela’s Core Belief is: “How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything and at Angie’s P.A.C.E. that is with EXCELLENCE”!
Tune Tuesday night May 2, 2017 to ICBSRadio.org @ 6pm PST and 9pm EST

LeKeisha MosleyLekeisha Mosley is a highly successfully Business Identity Strategist and the owner of MyIdentityDrivenLife, LLC. Lekeisha also is a certified coach, speaker, and teacher through the John C. Maxwell Team. She has impressive achievements in administration, counseling, and business management throughout her professional career with the United States Government which has provided her with opportunities to impact the global market. LeKeisha has received acknowledgments and appreciation for her achievements with assisting her clients in living on purpose and intentionally in their relationships personally and professionally. Lakeisha has been committed to saving lives as she works as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children worldwide. Lekeisha has continued her education and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and her Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership. She has also served her country for 12 years and became an honorable discharged veteran in the United States Army and Airforce. Lekeisha is now focused on using everything she has learned as an opportunity to speak and influence others across the world and be an advocate of change to her clients and community. workwithlekeisha.com

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