Women Connect Tele-conference July 10-14


Roosevelth EthridgeWomen Connect Tele-conference is preparing to bring you front and center to a  Tele-Conference that is designed to push the woman to redefining her value. This call will embrace the working mom, the professional woman, the woman in ministry and the woman broken by life. Women Connecting across the country who love God and their space. From the board room to the altar, being fit in the spirit and the natural. Women Connect is not a movement but a revolution!!

Hosted By Pastor Roosevelt Ethridge Who is a man of faith, power and influence. He is an emerging international evangelist. Overseer Ethridge more affectionately known as Pastor Roe brings a common sense approach to the gospel. He believes that woman are stronger connected. He is revered as a relationship guru. He is author who has been interviewed on various shows and programs as well as conferences be speaker.


JULY 10-14 at 8:30 pm EST

Proverbs Woman Session Sat July 15, 8 am

(641)715-3276 Access: 617282

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