10 Habits of Extraordinary Women by Walethia Aquil

Walethia Aquil’s Grace & Charm: 10 Habits of Extraordinary Women

extraordinary women

As the numbers of women business owners and entrepreneurs continue to climb, it is important to know how to shine and stand out above the rest. What will you do to ensure that you are an extraordinary woman?

Here are ten habits that I practice and have incorporated into my life over the years. Sometimes I fall short. But, I believe by encouraging you, I am also encouraging myself to do better, and I am held accountable.
1. Practice Etiquette. You will be surprised how far “please” and “thank you” will take you. Practicing common courtesies will set you apart from the competition. In business, it could mean the difference of winning the contract or not.

2. Take Care of Yourself. You can’t take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself. You can’t be a good mother, wife, student or an effective business person without good health. Take care of your body and get plenty of rest.

3. Love Yourself. You have to love yourself before someone else will. Be your own best friend. Accept you for who you are. Acknowledge your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

4. Gain Control of Your Finances. Read books on finance or hire a financial consultant if possible. Books written by Suze Orman or Robert Kiyosaki can help you better understand finances. Being in control of your finances empowers you! Create your own economy!

5. Create the Life You Want. Whatever you talk about most is what you attract. Want to change your life? Change your words. Create a story board of the life you want, write it down and set goals. You have what you say!

6. Encourage Other Women. Be excited about the success of another sister–your time will come. Strengthen each other–when one is hurt, we all hurt. The more you give, the more you get in return.

7. Be an Original. Each and every one of us is unique, we all have different talents and gifts. Embrace your uniqueness and share what you have with the world. Hold true to your beliefs and values.

8. Set the Standard. Always give and do your best–you never know who is watching. You are either influencing or being influenced.

9 Tell the Truth and Keep Your Promises. Integrity is a character trait that is highly respected. You don’t have to exaggerate–under-promise and over-deliver.

10. Believe You Are an Extraordinary Woman. Whatever you think you are, you will be!

Walethia AquilWalethia helps you build a new kind of wealth, “Social Capital” by equipping professionals and other service providers with training in proper business decorum and protocols. Now you can position yourself to never miss an opportunity due to fear, indecision, doubt, or lack of confidence. Learn how you can move from ‘Invisible to Impeccable’, visit Grace and Charm today. Have an etiquette/image question? E. mail Walethia at: info@graceandcharm.com, or 866. 610. 3746.

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