4 Tips for Handling Rejection and Bouncing Back From Setbacks

Bounce back 2by Florence Edwards

Rejection is something that we all have to deal with in life. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how poor or how rich you are, chances are that you will experience rejection at some point in your life. Maybe it was a car you wanted that didn’t get, or a particular job that you wanted and was turned down. Maybe you wanted to attract a certain person you had a crush on and they didn’t return your feelings. Whatever the situation was, it left you feeling unworthy, and your self-esteem suffered. While rejection may not be the easiest thing to handle, it does not have to tear you down. Here are some strategies to lift your spirits.

1. Realize that you create your own rejection! We give meaning to everything that happens to us in our lives. We label all of our experiences good or bad, when in fact, they are just experiences. For instance, when our mate breaks up with us or there’s infidelity in our relationships, we tell ourselves that we weren’t cute enough, smart enough or good enough for them.

We also feel like that experience was a bad experience. In truth, we are all good enough for love, and we are only rejected if we feel we are rejected. The truth was that a person did not honor the commitment they made. That is it. It doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. Instead of seeing things people do or say as rejection, see it as a learning experience, and be determined to not allow it to undervalue your worth.

2. Believe that all will be well in spite of your experience! Realize that God has everything in control, and what you may view as a loss may be a blessing in disguise. That job, relationship, or experience you wanted could’ve been a nightmare. Remember that with every perceived loss, there is always something or someone better in its place.

3. Change your words and attitude about your experience! Instead of saying that you were rejected, tell yourself that God is making room in your life for something special and although a certain situation did not go as you planned, you are still a worthwhile person with a lot to offer. You will have another chance at love, a job, or whatever desire that’s in your heart. This is just a temporary setback and is not the truth about you.

4. Continue to go after what you want! It isn’t always easy to keep going after a huge letdown. Some of us give up and feel like our situation is helpless. The truth is that the more you work toward your goal, the more likely you will obtain it. Don’t shut yourself off from that new career or new relationship just because you’ve experienced rejection in the past. Decide to make yourself available for new experiences and keep your heart open. God always has bigger plans for our lives than we can imagine. Remember the story about Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken? He was rejected almost 1,000 times before someone would buy his chicken recipe! But he believed in himself and his product, and forged on until he was successful. You can have all that you desire by not giving up, seeing rejection as a blessing, and moving toward your dream.

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