8 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Followers Now


By Janelle Williams

Instagram has become one the fastest-growing social media platforms during the last several years.
It can be used for several purposes: self-promotion, networking, showcasing visual expertise, and reaching out to a broader, more tuned in audience. What makes Instagram an innovative platform is the seamless way it ties together images with commentary. Here are eight innovative ways to boost your Instagram following.

1. In order to capture an active audience on Instagram, you have to share captivating photos that help promote your project.

2. If you are trying to advertise a self-owned clothing brand, it would be best to post photos not only of the finished product, but the creation process.

3. Give your audience a sense of intimacy and trust to watch a business grow before their very eyes. In our current culture of mega-corporations and auto-answering machines, it is nice to feel as though you have a personal line to the human creator behind every post.

4. Instagram also has an adept tagging system for those who want specialized content. This is useful to creatives who hope to target a specific niche.

5. Make sure the tags are well thought-out and used in moderation; too many may start to annoy your audience.

6. It is also useful to post videos occasionally and have contests for long-time followers. With the added incentive of a discount, more followers are likely to stay interested, and possibly refer your business to others.

7. A catchy caption can go a long way! Make sure your captions are informational and to the point.

8. The most important thing you can do to build a brand on any social media is sell yourself well. Hopefully Instagram will help promote your endeavors. Happy networking!

Janelle Williams, CA, is currently studying Journalism at California State University, Sacramento. She has written for Black Girl Nerds, and Courageous Woman Magazine.

Click to see this article in the July 2017 issue of Courageous Woman Magazine

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