Day 3 of the Level Up Summit with Kearn Cherry

On our last day of Level Up Virtual Summit, you’ll learn from the amazing Dr. Cheryl Wood, Forbes Riley, Che Brown, Pam Perry, Dr. Avis Jones-Deweever, and more!

Just click on this link to join us and meet them –

Day One Recap:

• You literally had the chance to learn from entrepreneurs who started from scratch and now reach millions of people and have generated over a billion dollars.

• You learned about how to show up, be vulnerable, enjoying the process, and also very TACTICAL instruction and strategy…

• Let us not forget our headliners Erik Swanson and Magie Cook!

Day Two Recap:

• Yesterday’s training featured Dr. Sonja Stribling was TO LIVE FOR!

These influencers have come together to teach to the world.

I just felt it was SO needed so I pulled all my favorite cards and called all my friends for YOU.

So go ahead and invite yours too… Get your team to jump on.

Check out today’s schedule below.



Make plans to join us over at HOPIN

starting at 10:30 am CST for the Virtual Expo

and Networking Session!

Join us for a LIVE networking event

in Zoom at 4:00 pm CST for

Christian In The Marketplace – Leverage Your Faith.

Click here to register.

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