DON’T GET SICK Avoid Debt Related Illness this Holiday Season By Nisha Jackson

nisha-jacksonDON’T GET SICK
Avoid Debt Related Illness this Holiday Season

By Nisha Jackson

This holiday season, I’d like to encourage you to focus on what truly matters to you and brings joy. I was watching a popular television show and the doctor was investigating the correlation between money matters and health. He illustrated through blood pressure, pulse and other readings that, worrying about money adversely affects our health.

This is yet another reason to be proactive with regards to debt this season.
To accomplish this, “remember the reason for the season”! Make the determination for yourself of what this means for you. Avoid being debt ridden and paying your generosity off throughout next year and beyond. If you’ve already completed some of your shopping, hopefully you’ve done some of what is being discussed.

You can keep your blood pressure in the normal range and your stress level down by keeping your finances in the black! To do this, accept that you are not in competition with anyone. You have to choose who you will buy for and stay within a “set” budget.

Ditch, the mentality that, “I’m going to give my children, what I didn’t have growing up”. We must set our children up for success! They should have a solid foundation of money matters, when leaving home. This means earning what they acquire in life.

Create a spending plan and know how much DISCRETIONARY income you are using for gifts, food, etc. Discretionary income is the income you have left after all bills are paid. I encourage you to shop online, especially with the places offering free shipping. This helps you avoid the “bright shiny object” syndrome. It also, keeps you from spending unnecessarily due to emotions and immediate gratification. Not to mention avoiding the stress of last minute shoppers.

Download applications such as on your phone. Ebates has partnered with stores to give you a percent of cash back on your purchases. Also, by using the application instead of the direct site you get a larger percentage back.

Another great application is “Walmart Savings Catcher”. You download the Walmart application and use the “Savings Catcher” to scan the “QR” code on your receipt and it comparison shops for you from the competitors in your area. It allows you to accumulate & transfer savings onto a walmart gift card to be used in store for savings on a shopping trip of your choice.

So, let’s focus on staying healthy and keeping our wallets in the black this season.
Here’s to your financial success!

Nisha Jackson is the CEO of Financially Brilliant Women’s Institute. She is a Wealth Strategist, speaker and bestselling author. Nisha helps women entrepreneurs maximize profits and effectively handle personal finances.

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