‘Enough’ By Patrick Sanders

By Elder Patrick Sanders

Woman Yelling 1 copyHave you ever said to yourself, “I have had enough!”?
Are your dreams not coming to pass? Do people seem to not be working with you on the job? Has your heart been broken by loved ones? Have you had enough?

Without the frustrations, broken promises, and people hurting us in our lives; we will never be able to reach our full potential. It’s in these moments that we find who we really are and begin to look deep within ourselves and listen to the small voice that guides us. In Bishop T.D. Jakes’ latest book, he says that in these moments we find the real purpose, the real person, and the real dreams that we are created to perform in our lives. But it’s only when we’ve had enough.

In a movie I watched called Enough, where Jennifer Lopez is a battered wife, she’s driven to discover her inner strength because of a hurtful relationship. In the movie, when she stopped running, put a plan together, and executed the plan, she was then able to gain control over her life. In our lives, we sometimes find ourselves running from things, people, and places; but, if we stand still long enough and realize we can do all things through our Creator, we can understand that we are able to conquer any mountain, circumstance, or situation.

 Patrick SandersIt’s the failures and lies that we have to use as stepping-stones to move forward. It is the hurt in our lives that give us the opportunity to understand and discover who we really are. It’s through the hills we climb, the mishaps in life, and the let downs in life that we learn to overcome. I want to encourage someone and say to you that you can make it regardless of what hills are in your path.

To my sisters I say, “Hold your head up. You’re the queen that God created you to be, regardless of your education, background, or possessions. Success is still within your reach. You just need to put a plan together and not be afraid to execute it. Don’t let the criticism of others hinder or stop you from reaching your greatness.” You may even believe that it is too late to begin anew, but I have news for you: It’s not too late! Whether you are 60 or 16; start today! Start right where you are: on the couch, in the coffee shop, in your cubicle. You have the time, talent, and perseverance. You are the woman God created you to be. Find something you are passionate about and always dreamed about doing. Do what you believe you were created for; surely, where you are right now is not the end of your life. There is more to you, something bigger and stronger than you. Don’t let where you are now hold you down. Ladies get out of the box! Think outside of it and create dreams and have visions to fulfill your destiny and purpose.

Elder Patrick Sanders, Pastor
New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist Church
1035 East Carpenter Rd
Flint, MI 48505

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2 Thoughts to “‘Enough’ By Patrick Sanders”

  1. Cabrina

    Very inspiring!!!

  2. Rachelle Ruffin

    Great article and I am trying EXTRA HARD this year to set goals, deadlines in 6 week increments!! I need small steps for a better me and inspiration.

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