Evelyn Donelson: Inspiring Women to Overcome Barriers

Evelyn Donelson is a wife, mother, educator, writer, and a Domestic Violence survivor who has overcome many life struggles and battles, including depression. One of the most courageous things that she has done was publish her story about being a victim of domestic violence. She didn’t want to tell her story for the fear of having to face people and relive the experience all over again.

“I want to impact the world and let others know that just because you fall, that doesn’t mean you have to stay there”

Whatever the struggle—abuse, depression, or loss—She wants to inspire women to rise up and be who they were created to be.

I believe women are created for a purpose. The Creator gave us special gifts to help one another”.  All it takes is the right person with the right words.

Evelyn Donelson lives with her family in the Chicago area. Connect with her on Facebook at Inspirational Psalms 4 U.

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