Glam, Merry & Bright by Deria Brown

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Glam, Merry & Bright

by Deria Brown


With a nippy Michigan chill in the air we are slowly beginning to wrap up Pumpkin Spice Season, formerly known as autumn. As our attention (um, new data shows adults on average have an attention span of 8 seconds, goldfish have 9)  turns once again, however briefly, to the holiday hectics I feel the need to spread massive cheer and be merry and bright. It’s been a long year so I suggest we take this season WAY over the top!


Festive could be an understatement for the plans I have for us all. I recommend gift giving in abundance, repetitive acts of kindness and in addition to that being flat out MIRTHFUL at the nearing of the Christmas season. Why the need to put it in high gear? Well, because we can. Take a look at your close friends and family. They survived man. As women we have a way of squaring our shoulders and making a way. It is in that vein that I feel we should take control of a situation for once and escalate it to our own advantage instead of always needing to be reactive.  The holidays will be organized, planned and proportioned, darn it. And when YOU take the time to plan, you can make them grand!


Here are a few of my easy tips to WOW this year and make the season GLAM, MERRY and BRIGHT:


  1. Bake for the Block. Take the party to the streets. Tiny bite sized portions of just about anything will stretch to reach all your neighbors. Knock on doors to distribute or better yet send the kids during the daytime. Attach a prayer request tag in case they need anything.
  2. Wardrobe Win! This is for the uber busy. They finally broke me and now…..leggings are life! A good quality pair will take you all the way through the season with little effort. Pair them with decorative tunics and cardigans for instant GLAM.
  3. Don’t Text, Call. I knew the world had changed when my mother texted me to say Happy Birthday. Although proud she had final figured out her device it got me thinking about what we have forced society to accept. Schedule a personal call a day for the entire season. It’s easy for people to mislead you via emoticons and project something other than their true feelings. God forbid someone suffers and we not take a few moments to reach out!


Deria Brown is a boutique owner, author and speaker. Contact her at

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