God’s Valentine by Melecia Scott

meleciaby Melecia Scott

“Will you be my Valentine?”
This is an invitation that many long to hear from another individual. When not heard, it can often leave one feeling excluded, unloved or unimportant. The theme of Valentine’s Day is “love” and everybody wants to be loved. These five words: “Will you be mine, Valentine?” have power to bring joy as well as sorrow to the hearts of many. It is on this particular day that many go beyond extreme measures to prove and express their love for one another. It is also on this day that many hearts are broken and many break-ups occur due to feeling that one’s love was not proven sufficiently through the giving of gifts. Today, the Biblical king Solomon helps to shed light on this subject of the heart, the soul of man from which love extends. Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, informs us that the heart has eternity set in it. Ecclesiastes 3:11 conveys to us that no material thing, no achievement and no person could ever completely satisfy the human heart. In the heart of Man, there is a place that longs for God and only God himself can fully satisfy and fulfill that longing. Today, if you are suffering from a broken heart, a lonely heart or a yearning heart, this invitation is being extended unto you by God, not by Man. “Will you be mine?” says the Lord. I want to be the lover and satisfier of your soul!

• Will you be mine, says God? I have already proven my love for you. Roman 5:8
• Will you be mine, says God? I’m offering you the best gift I have; My Son Jesus. John 3:16
• I’m waiting patiently for your answer, for I wish that none should ever perish. Will you be mine? I promise I will never leave you or forsake you. Hebrews 13:5
• Will you be mine? I want to love you from now until eternity. Jeremiah 31:3
• I have already chosen you, will you choose me? Will you be mine? I will help you to forgive those that have wronged you, as well as placing my favor and blessings upon you .In your time of weakness, I will be your strength. Hebrews 8:12
• Will you be mine? I am able to heal your broken heart. Psalms 34:18
• Beautiful one, will you be mine? I want to teach you how to love me and how to love others. Corinthians 13:1-13. You are a precious jewel; you are fearfully and wonderfully made- designed with purpose and created with worth! I want to be yours!
• Will you be MINE? Romans 10:9-10



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