Guard Your Heart by Minister Tarnesa Martin

Tarnesa Martin 2by Minister Tarnesa Martin

We must guard our heart, for everything we do flows from it.
When the Biblical King Solomon refers to guarding your heart, he’s talking about the inner care of a person, the thoughts, feelings, desires, will and choices that constricts or sustains a person.

We physically know the heart to be responsible for circulating nutrients and oxygenated blood throughout our body that keeps us alive. However, just as there are many diseases and disorders that can affect the physical heart, there are many ailments of the spiritual heart that can impair growth and development as a believer.

To guard our heart, we must keep our mouth free of perversity which means to keep corrupt talk from our lips, avoid anger, pride and temptation because it takes our thoughts into captivity, causing us to go into a spiritual blockage called Contaminated Heart Failure.

Above all, we must guard our hearts from contamination that cause us to have spiritual heart murmurs that occur when believers engage in complaining, gossiping, disputes and contention. By engaging in these activities, we shift our focus away from the plans, purposes and blessings that God has for us. Just as the physical heart needs medicine to remove excess fluid; the spiritual heart needs God’s love, joy and peace to remove the bitterness, rage, anger and disappointments that delay us from walking in our destiny with confidence.

When we guard our heart, we block corrupt thoughts that try to cause our spiritual arteries to be blocked up with plaques and scarring of past wounds. We live healthy, happy and whole by faith, flowing in the goodness of God’s love!

Tarnesa Martin is a contributing writer for Courageous Woman Magazine. She is the director of WORP (Women of
Radical Praise) and a Nurse Manager at Hurley Medical Center.

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