It’s Your Time To Soar by Cheryl Wood

cheryl-woodBy Cheryl Wood

Life’s reality is that you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you demand. Therefore, the most important every woman should ask herself is: What am I demanding from life? Am I demanding greatness or am I accepting mediocrity?

How do you demand greatness?
By approaching every new day as a new opportunity to define what LIVING really means to you and intentionally positioning yourself to create success on your own terms.

Walking into greatness requires momentum. Most women don’t have a problem jumpstarting their momentum. The bigger challenge arises as it relates to maintaining their momentum in the face of setbacks, roadblocks, and failures. One of the best ways to maintain your momentum is to consistently reflect on your WHY – why do you want to pursue your big dream? Why is it worth stepping outside of your comfort zone to pursue it? Why is your big dream worth the sacrifices you will ultimately have to make in order to manifest it? Maintaining momentum involves staying laser focused on your ultimate destination, not despising small beginnings, and constantly pressing forward even when you don’t know the HOW. It means eliminating excuses, distractions, and procrastination while remembering that every small step that you take leads to another and before you know it you reach your big dream.

Another vital part of maintaining momentum is to eliminate negative self-chatter. You must shift your internal dialogue and redirect your self-talk to reinforce that you have what it takes to do whatever you set your mind to, even when it’s not easy. You must focus more on what you have to support your dream than what you’re lacking.

Today I challenge you to commit to your big dream and stick to it like crazy glue. As you continue to be laser focused on your dream, nurture your momentum by implementing these four strategies:

1. Create a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and why.
2. Write down each big goal and divide it into small, manageable tasks.
3. Remain focused on the tasks that produce results and avoid distractions.
4. Keep executing – it’s the foundation of momentum!

Your dream deserves to be manifested. Don’t give up. Don’t stop trying. Don’t become paralyzed by thoughts of self-doubt, self-limitations, and fears. Instead, nurture your momentum and persist even in the face of challenges, failures and setbacks. Now is your time to soar!!

(Cheryl Wood, International Keynote Speaker & Women’s Empowerment Champion,


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