Keep On Pushing; How I became an Audio Narrative Producer

Marlynne Frierson Cooley Actor,  How I became an Audio Narrative Producer

If you have dreams, pursue them. Don’t let anyone, even family try to change your mind. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be an actor, but being an African American woman and a dark skin woman I felt insecure about my dream becoming a real possibility.

“Stay positive and don’t let anyone change your course or your purpose. You only have one life.” 

I attended the University Of Cincinnati and majored in Broadcasting. I worked for an ABC news affiliated and WCIN Radio in Cincinnati. Deep in my heart, I really wanted to act, so I moved to Los Angeles and my dream started happening. I worked in the media and did theater, TV and commercials, but life happens and we moved back to my hometown, Cleveland, OH. I got a job as a theater teacher, but still pursuing my passion. I went to graduate school at University of Akron for theater.

I went on auditions, for commercials, voice overs, TV and landed a film where I got my SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card. I wanted to do more, so my husband and I, with our two kids, moved back to California.

I found out that more actors were doing audio narratives books and producing. I went to a few workshops and started.  I have narrated and produced 5 books, including The Bell Family Reunion Committee, The Beauty and The Barber, and Hayesville written by Emmanuel Sullivan and Caught up written by Nevada York.

I’m currently preparing to narrate Mahagony’s Revelation, the sequel to Caught Up. I really enjoy narrating  books because I can use my acting skills and entertain people who wants to listen to a good book.

I’m still acting for film, TV, theater and commercials and looking forward to doing more.  If you have

something in your heart and it makes you happy and you can help humanity, it’s a wonderful thing. Stay positive and don’t let anyone change your course or your purpose. You only have one life.

To hear samples of my books, go to and type in my name for narrators. 

Contact: or ACX.Com

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