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Lori PELZER PICLori Pelzer: Award Winning Coach

“Lori has inspired me to dream again. She has awakened in me, dreams that were dormant inside and stirred up a passion to live the life I was meant to live. Her passion to see women achieve and BE who they were created to be is contagious. Lori will ignite a fire inside of you and equip you with practical tools to help you become “unstuck” and move positively in the direction of your dreams!”
-Sharon, Entrepreneur and Corporate Professional


Lori is an American Success Story having triumphed from the darkness of being a teen mom with 2 children by the age of 18, growing up poor in the projects, being raised by a single mother, no father in the home. Lori, like so many young women suffered through the acts of child sexual abuse which left her angry with feelings of deep resentment, isolation and abandonment that carried into her adult life, marriage, relationships and business.

At 18 Lori’s life CHANGED forever, after her step grandmother not knowingly interrupted her plan of suicide to kill herself and her 2 babies both infants at the time. The pain and depression was so severe the only course seemed like death. But GOD showed up and rescued Lori!

Lori Pelzer: Award Winning Coach

Years in the US Army in the Nursing Corp advanced Lori’s life to give her a chance that shaped her outlook and vision of the opportunities that await her.

Lori Pelzer Becoming a real estate agent at 26, then a real estate broker by age 30 Lori co-owned with her husband and brother a Top Producing real estate brokerage selling over $22 million dollars in real-estate sales and amassed $1 million in assets over a 7 year period. Lori success was on a high peak when she became the first African American woman in her city to sell her firm to a larger corporate real-estate brand. Lori also Failed Forward losing EVERYTHING in the Great Recession and Real Estate Crash 2008. Loosing ALL she worked for 17 years with her husband Melvin now married 21 years March 26 felt like everything went wrong in a blink of her eyes and gone forever. It was beyond a horrible dream … the questions flowed night and day; how could this happen, who was to blame, why us? “This experience CHANGED everything in me and as I recovered spiritually I began to honor the process of and surrendered to what lessons was I here in this space of NOTHING again in my life to LEARN”!

Lori PelzerLori Pelzer: Award Winning Coach Lori kept moving toward this CHANGE and finally had a name to put to it “A Metamorphosis” undergoing a dramatic change. Lori retired from a 17 year real-estate sales career in 2012 embarking on her passion to help women INSPIRED her to move toward her success without fear & self-doubt!

As a Powerful Transformation Success Expert, Personal and Professional Development Coach and Inspirational Speaker Lori’s primary focus is to help women “Get Where She Wants To Be”! After one short year in the Transformational Success business, 2013 Lori was named among women across the Nation by “We Rock” Awards as the National Winner in Business & Lifestyle Success Coaching.
Lori is also the creative founder of “Ignite Her Be” Women Biz & Lifestyle Success Conference International now in its 4th year and the Fun & Inspiring “GirlgoBeGreat” Success Movement.

When asked how she became successful “Faith is my true guide and I have a winners never quit and quitters never win mantra” But I realized also I must stay in the game, there’s no other way. Lori states. Lori brings all of herself to her work!

Lori is a face to watch in the Transformational success coaching field for women and quickly becoming an International Inspirational Speaker. She has been featured as an inspiring business woman in National media local affiliates and local state news, magazines, radio and television shows. Lori dedication to her professional work has earned her a respected reputation and accolades.
Lori is helping thousands of women TRANSFORM Show Up Sassy Be Fierce Live Great! #Girlgobegreat

For additional information please contact: Lori Pelzer, Be Inspired, LLC, 1-866-960-9726
lori@loripelzer.com or visit www.GirlGoBeGreat.com
Website: www.igniteherbe.com and www.Loripelzer.com,
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Beyoursuccess/


Click link to read the full issue. March/April 2016. Read Lori’s feature story on Page 8.



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