Make THIS YEAR Matter!

Happy New Year 2015
by Dawniel Patterson Winningham

They say TIME changes people. Not true. It is the THINGS that happen over time that changes people. While I am BLESSED to still be here, I must admit that this year has been a tough year. Not tough in the usual manner, tough in the form of personal loss.

But within all that I lost, I realized what all I STILL have. I found a deep and eager yearning to LIVE THIS LIFE! Yes we are all living, but are we REALLY living this life? Are we squeezing all that we can out of each and every day? Are we testing the boundaries of our faith and our existence to be our best, greatest or happiest?

If you want to determine if this is you, you only need to ask yourself one question:
Are you the SAME PLACE this year that you were LAST YEAR?

USE the tips below if you TRULY want to make 2015 matter to YOU and those around you.

1. Choose a path. STOP saying, “I don’t know my purpose.” Do whatever it takes to get STARTED on the journey towards finding your calling. Even if you don’t end up where you started, you would have moved TOWARDS your destiny.

2. Refuse to give in. If you have started your journey in the past but LIFE caused you to stop, make this the year that you refuse to give in or give up. Pick up where you left off and refuse to make excuses for not making it to the finish line. I can’t promise you it will be easy, but I can promise you it will be worth it.

3. Get help. Once you know what you want to do, there are tons of resources, books, articles, assessment tests, and yes, professionals like ME, all here to help you on that journey. Remind yourself that if you could have done it alone, the chances are that you would have done it already.

4. Put it on paper. I don’t know how many women that I come across that have the world’s BEST plan for their life and they leave it in their brain, right next to the grocery list and the 30 other things we need to do daily. Love your life and your gift enough to get it out of your head.

So will you STAY or will you GO? Stay where you are not held hostage by a life that you don’t necessarily want—or, go FORWARD into a future where you may not be able to predict each day, but the song in your heart will be enough for you to appreciate the journey.

More simply, will YOU do what it takes to make 2015 Matter?! I hope your answer is yes, and please know that I am here to help! #letsgo

Dawniel WinninghamDawniel Patterson Winningham is an International Passion 2 Pay Expert, Fortune 10 Vice President, 5 time bestselling author, 3 time Presidential Award Winner, Master Life and Business Coach, Friend, Mother, Sister and Daughter who can be found on twitter @wealthspeaker or Facebook at
For more information and tools on how to make this year, matter visit her web page at

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