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Shearese StapletonBy Shearese Stapleton

Many people have never heard the term “Mom Coach.” Here is an overview of the benefits of having a mom coach from Shearese Stapleton, founder of Mothers of Joy University.

Mom coaching is a professional, ongoing relationship that can produce amazing results within your personal as well as your mothering career. It is not counseling or therapy. Mom coaching provides tools and strategies to bridge the gaps between where you are now, versus where you want to be on the path to what you want to achieve:

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  •         Clarity in Motherhood: Knowing what your parenting style is can be half the battle. Having clarity helps you to stay on task, and having an ongoing dialogue helps ensure you have clear and precise goals.
  • ·         Accountability in Motherhood:  When you are going through a process of change, accountability is very important. Your mom coach is on a path with you and you are not left alone–it becomes a joint effort. The mom coach will help you set goals revising them as necessary to come up with solutions that fit your parenting style.
  • ·         Personal Development: Don’t lose sight of you as a woman! In so many cases, women tend to lose themselves when they become a mom. You must take care of you to take care of others!

Shearese Stapleton is the mother of three children who began mom coaching professionally in 2015. She owns Mothers of Joy University, an organization that empowers mothers of all different backgrounds to embrace the journey of motherhood. If you would like to sign up for mom coaching, contact Shearese at

This article is featured in our Life Coach Edition of Courageous Woman Magazine.



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