Mompreneur:The Balancing Act of a Business Mom

Mom 2Mompreneur:The Balancing Act of a Business Mom

by Shearese Stapleton

There are many mothers who start a business with the thought that “I can do it all,” but all can be a very hard to balance–getting children up and ready for school, knowing you have a deadline to meet by midnight. Good news–there is a strategy that you can implement into your days and your family’s life!

It all starts with being proactive in both your family and business. There must be a plan, or failure is going to happen. Let’s look at some key points to your plan and what you can do to become successful in both your business and your family.

1. The family must work together. If your family becomes a team, your business will become strong and productive. Families must understand that there will be times where you may have a late meeting or need some quiet time on a Saturday afternoon to get some work done and they will have to help in that process.

2. You must establish a routine. For a proposal to be done and dinner prepared, you must have a routine in place. A routine not only helps with organization, it also helps family members to know what is expected of them. That way, no one can say, “I don’t know what to do.”

3. Have Fun. Yes, fun! You work so hard on making your business and family work together, you must have celebrations! Go and take the family for ice cream and talk about why you are doing what you do. Help them to see your vision and what will come next. When you establish a rhythm of what is going to work with your family, that will be your greatest accomplishment. Being a mom and an entrepreneur can have its challenges, but if you have the right puzzle pieces, you can make everything fit.

Shearese StapletonShearese Stapleton is a mother of three children and Mom Coach. She is owner of Mothers of Joy University, an organization that empowers mothers of all backgrounds to embrace the journey of motherhood. Contact Shearese at

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