No Matter What It Looks Like; It’s Never Too Late by Precious Brown

Precious BrownBy Precious Brown

Ten years after graduating from high school I decided to go back to college to earn my degree in Business at Indiana Wesleyan University. I graduated in 2004 and thought that was the great accomplishment I needed to be fulfilled. By 2008 I was going through a divorce. We had been together seventeen years and it ended suddenly due to violence. I felt alone and lost. After trying to bury my pain, without success, I decided to take my power back.

I never visualized how it would all come together. In 2010 I began to seek God; asking for answers to my life’s purpose. I did not know the trajectory of my life would be forever changed. After moving back to Michigan in 2011 I met a writing coach. I mentioned I wanted to write a book and she encouraged me. She challenged me to complete it in 90 days; it was done in 30 days. I became a published author in 2013 and life began to take off. I began to receive requests to speak at various events based on my interactive workbook The Process of Change – A Look at Me.

The momentum continued and I was introduced to the life coaching world. I had mentored many women over the years but I never thought of it as a business. After some research I began to build my dream business Power-N-You, LLC. The enterprise is designed to help divorced women rebuild their lives by reclaiming their power and creating the life they desire. Since inception I have completed The Process of Change Series with Volume II – Love Yourself and Volume III – Moving Forward.

My business is growing tremendously. I am now a contributor to an Amazon bestseller titled Releasing the Fear: Walking in Faith, September 2016 I am launching the THRIVE Academy online for divorced women. October 2016 I will release my first collaboration book with fifteen other women titled Transition: Create the Life You Desire.

It is my destiny to help women, across the globe, rebuild their lives personally and professionally. I encourage you to dig deep and tap into your power. Begin to walk in your purpose. No matter the circumstances it is NEVER TOO LATE!

The only person you are waiting on is you – Monokia Nance

Precious Brown is the founder of Power-N-You™, LLC. She is a certified coaching specialist helping rebuild their lives after life changing transitions.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @justpreciousb. Join her on Facebook daily in the LOVE, Power & Purpose Gallery –

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