Overcoming The Cycle of Quitting By Deria Brown

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by Deria Brown

Whoops….once again I had “dropped the ball” I noted in disgust as I sat down on December 31, several years ago. In a few hours, I would go to church to worship and pledge my resolve to do better the next year.
This year was different. A deep sadness enveloped me because I was getting closer to 40. A realization hit me that for nearly three decades I had made excuses, prolonged, delayed, analyzed and criticized myself and my potential until there was no logical action to take to reach my destiny. I blamed others mostly, not daring to think I would sabotage my own life.

My life had been a series of exciting starts and depressing, jolting stops. I would begin each year fresh and new, only to quit on myself shortly after. The reasons would change, but not the behavior. Some days it was procrastination; other times, indecision; yet always at the core of every delay was fear.

My time of reflection on that day led me to examine my family history. I made mental notes of all the smooth talkers and big dreamers we have in our family–dreamers who year after year would talk a pretty good game, but never took action. They had such great potential. I know that because it is virtually impossible for potential to go unnoticed. At any rate, I discovered a pattern of quitting and giving up that began long before I was born and would endure long after I was gone if I didn’t do something about it.

I wanted to identify the root of the problem, so I could snatch it up and destroy it. I was ready to change course and be the one who did something BIG with their genius. I knew somewhere along the way I had been duped and distracted by a force designed to delay my destiny. This spirit had been at it for generations, robbing my family of the wealth and wisdom a successful dream can produce. It was clear I wasn’t the only one afraid of my success. Satan was too.

The revelation that I could change my family’s destiny and that I was a big enough deal for Satan to distract gave me just enough juice to launch a comeback! I could no longer make excuses, blame others or scrap my plans and start over every year. I had to finish something, QUICK to begin to train myself to succeed.
The cycle of success has to be learned. The cycle of quitting must be unlearned. I had to replace the daily actions that led to my defeat with energetic action steps that lead me to victory.

In order to chart a new course that doesn’t end in an epic fail, you must first identify the root of your problem. If the problem has persisted for generations, be prepared to dig deep, but don’t stop. Whatever it is you discover, remember, it’s going to be your problem, not someone else’s. Own up to and address the issues that keep you from fulfilling your dreams. Secondly, find an accountability partner. You are not able to motivate yourself–period. None of us are. And finally, celebrate your progress. As a former quitter, nothing motivates me more than savoring victory, even the small ones, like looking forward to December 31 this year!

Deria Brown is an author, speaker and CEO of Glam Life Global.
To contact Deria log on to www.glamlifenow.com

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