Purpose Passion and Priorities – The Self-Discovery of a US Army Veteran

headshotMerci McKinley

Military Sexual Trauma, Domestic Violence and personal loss of fellow comrades are some of the trials and tribulations Merci McKinley experienced while serving in the United States Army.  She embarked upon a journey to become Victorious in the aftermath of those tribulations. During her military career, her inner struggle surfaced, as she often questioned who she was in the aftermath. She questioned how to reclaim her life after experiencing multiple traumas. Merci has managed to emerge stronger than ever after putting in the work necessary to start the journey towards healing. She realized the journey was rebuilding a stronger relationship with GOD and thus birthing a stronger inner foundation within herself. She realized that the journey involved reaching back and assisting others throughout the storms of life.

As an emerging Motivational Speaker, Author, Poet and Life Coach, Merci helped others to rediscover their voice in the face of adversity. Her 3P’s of Purpose, Passion and Priorities is a driving force to assist others in relinquishing the mental chains placed upon them.

After witnessing people existing rather than living and thriving after traumatic experiences, Merci decided it was time. The time had come to help others understand that when you find your purpose, you find a new way to live. The time had come to help others understand that “your Purpose fuels your Passion, and your Passion builds your Priorities.”  Merci helps others to understand that no short cuts exist towards reclaiming their life after trauma. “You have to decide to take the first step,” She said.

We often question ourselves of the “why,” as it is only natural to do so.  However, Merci helps others to understand the “Why” is not as great as learning, and understanding it from the person you become after it. The key is to not give up on yourself in between the process. Merci has started the Still Standing Lyrical Intervention LLC where motivation is all around.

Merci McKinley would love the opportunity to connect with others to help them take their life back and live life moving forward. To connect with Merci you can visit her website at www.mercimckinley.com.  To receive motivation and inspiration, Follow her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mercimckinley/ ,  twitter @merci_mckinley or Instagram at mercimckinley. Email her: mercimckinley.author@gmail.com.

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