Sexpert, TaMara Campbell Gives CW the 411 on SEX

Hey ladies, let’s welcome the newest member of the CW team, Ms. TaMara Campbell. TaMara is a sexpert…yes, you read it right, a SEXPERT, as in an expert in sex.

TaMara is a professional sex coach and counselor with extensive experience in the field of Human Sexuality, HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections. She has published several articles and curricula to empower women with the skills to make safer sexual decisions. TaMara has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Life Education and a Master of Science degree in Education (Johns Hopkins University). She is currently a pursing an EdD in Human Sexuality. TaMara is the owner of Beautifully Me, LLC and Sexpertly Yours.

TaMara will be sharing the latest news, advice, and real girl talk on this subject. She will also answer questions readers send in. So get ready to join in by posting your comments and sending in your questions. Make sure you are signed up for the enews and updates so you get an email each time something new is posted.

For now, we’ll let TaMara Campbell share her expertise in her first article for CW Magazine. Take it away TaMara!

Thanks for the welcome. I am excited to share my knowledge on this subject.

As women, we are becoming more empowered and proactive in managing our sexuality by learning to accept, embrace and celebrate our sexual selves by redefining who we are as sexual beings.

In the past, biology, gender roles, sexual norms, history of negative inter-generational patterns have put women at greater risk of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Many women have received insufficient information about sexuality and sexual behaviors, making them vulnerable and powerless to protect themselves. In addition, this misinformation along with stigma, label and judgment have made it difficult for women enjoy and appreciate their sexuality.

It’s time to transform judgment into love, do away with labels, dispel myths and start replacing them with messages of empowerment. So how do we begin to embrace our sexual selves?

We must embrace and understand the power we possess, simply because we are women! And knowing how and when to use that power is all apart of redefining our sexuality.

We must become Sexperts! Learning to become intimately acquainted with ourselves and understanding our body is essential to having power over of our sexuality. Additionally learning to understand, respect and communicate our sexual attitudes, beliefs, needs, wants and concerns, not only to our physicians but our mates, is imperative in helping to navigate healthier relationships and safer and more satisfying sexual experiences.

Building self-esteem and self-efficacy is the first step to embracing our sexual selves. We must learn to love and accept ourselves, flaws and all. By doing so, we begin to free ourselves from the confines of judgment and scrutiny of others, thus giving ourselves permission to discover, explore & unleash our feminine powers!

Re-framing sexuality as who we are versus something that we do will also help us begin to embrace our sexual selves. Additionally, we must begin to dispel myths, tackle taboos and break the negative cycles of inter-generation patterns by redefining of views of sexuality and begin to accept it as something that is a natural, beautiful way of life.

We were created as sexual beings with the gift to bring forth life. Understanding this miracle, our responsibility and the role of who we are with the spectrum of sexuality will allow us to continue birth powerful changes into our lives and the lives of those with whom we come in contact with, ultimately changing the world one person at a time.

Inside each and every woman lives a beautiful, sensual, exotic woman yearning to reveal herself for all to behold and marvel at the mere essence of her phenomenon. Allow yourself to discover, explore and unleash your unique and individual feminine powers.

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TaMara Campbell, Proprietress of Beautifully Me, LLC & Sexpertly Yous, TaMara. Beautifully Me & Sexpertly Yours, TaMara is dedicated to creating experiences to empower, encourage and support women on a journey to discover, explore & unleash their feminine powers in a safe, healthy and unapologetically confident manner. or

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