The Myth of Motivation By Deria Brown

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The Myth of Motivation
by Deria Brown

We’ve all been there before. You get so fed up with your present situation that you set a massive goal, mindset revamp or major overhaul, all to take effect first thing Monday morning. Soon after, soul crushing waves of disappointment wash over you because yet again you have failed to stay motivated.

Over time, I have made what I consider to be an EPIC personal discovery. For me, motivation was a misapplied myth. I thought it was a feeling or a giant surge of productive energy that would carry me through the menial tasks that led to my destiny. Say what? In simpler terms: it was something to make me do something.

What we often overlook is that at the very core definition of the word motivation is the word reason. Motivation is not how I accomplish weight loss, entrepreneurship, organization, or any other dream laying on a shelf. It is the reason why I get off my butt, walk to the shelf, pick it up AND work on it every, single, day. So, here is a list of darn good reasons why you should snap out of it and make 2016 your most impressive year ever:
1. Because you can. You’re an adult, you do what you want
2. Because no one else is coming to rescue you from a mediocre life
3. Because you’re fabulous and the world would be a much better place once that is a commonly known fact.

Funny, huh? Light but true. Keep your reasons for being motivated simple, clear and easy to model. Your reasons should be anything worth fight for…..and I hope in 2016 you will fight for you.

Deria Brown is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and author. She shares with women around the country through coaching, writing and live events how to live a balanced, glamorous life. Follow her adventures on Facebook and Instagram or contact her at

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