The Power in Pressing On by Jessica Mosley

Jessica MosleyThe Power in Pressing On by Jessica Mosley

Why is it so important not to give up?
Giving up is just not an option. Giving in is for wimps. You must keep going despite of all odds. There’s victory on the other side of your failure.

Why is it so important to have the right people around you in this journey of entrepreneurship? Several reasons. One, negativity is contagious. You do not want that spewing into any are of your life. And especially not the empire that you are trying to build. Two, there is POWER IN NUMBERS! Please do not ever take for granted being in the presence of the right energy. Energy is contagious!

How important is it to create a vision for your business/life?

I think that it is vital to continuously create a vision for your business. That is where a vision board comes into place. It’s more than just copying & pasting pictures. That visual in front of you is so important. The Bible days in the book of Habakkuk to ,”Write the vision”.. Vision will speak for you when you don’t have a voice, when you fill like giving up. And the great thing about a vision board, you can always add to it and take away from them.

Is entrepreneurship as glamorous as it appears?
Absolutely, not! Entrepreneurship is bunch of daily hard work and daily discipline. It’s not at all glamorous. There will be LOTS of failures. And lots of success. There will be times that you just want to give up, but if you endure the process, you and your business will be even better!

Jessica Taylor-Mosely is an enthusiastic blogger, author, producer and book coach who loves helping people reach their goals.

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