The SEO Queen Set to Host The Reach More Clients Power Conference


Just like Sade, The SEO Queen is both the company name and the moniker of Zhe L. Scott.


The SEO Queen is a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency that helps businesses get more clients and revenue without paying for advertising through the power of search engine optimization, website design, and mobile app development. Zhe L. Scott is the Chief Digital Strategist and CEO of The SEO Queen.


Tell us about your upcoming conference and who should attend it?

This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is the Reach More Clients Power Conference (July 29, 30, and 31). This growth marketing conference was designed with the female entrepreneur in mind. We will be covering everything your business needs to succeed, from Mindset, Branding, Publicity, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Contract Acquisition, and more. To learn more about the VIP Experience please visit

What motivated you to help business owners upgrade their digital lifestyle?

When I started my first agency in 2012, I started it out of necessity. I did not know what I did not know. As I reflect on what I wish I knew, I decided to put those elements together for this conference.

What are 2-3 tips you can share with new business owners about SEO?

Only 30% of businesses are using SEO as a marketing strategy. So getting your SEO on point is a great way to make progress with your brand. Businesses can do these three things: 1) Know how your best customers are talking about your products and services and use that language in your website content and social media posts. 2) Make sure to claim your Google My Business profile for your brand. 3) Make sure that your website has a call to action. It does not matter how many people come to your website if the call to action is unclear.


How can readers contact you?

Zhelinrentice Scott 
Phone: 617-475-0964


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