Tracy Palmer CEO: Building a Legacy of Confidence in the Next Generation

Tracy Palmer  Trendsestters CEOTrendsetters Modeling and Etiquette School is located in Burton, Michigan.

Trendsetters Founder and CEO, Tracy Palmer has been making moves and setting trends for some time now. Her company, Trendsetters, is appropriately titled for a woman as driven as she is. Tracy is definitely among our list of Courageous Women in the community. We applaud her tenacity and for gracefully handling the role of wife, mother, and CEO with class and style. We caught up with this busy lady and asked her a few questions that inquiring minds want to know.

CW: How do YOU define Trendsetter?

TP: A trendsetter is someone who leads not just in fashion, but in life!

CW: What are some of the benefits that young people gain from participating in modeling?

TP: It builds their self-esteem, confidence, and gives them the courage they need to be themselves.

CW: What is your hope For Trendsetters Modeling and Etiquette School?
TP: My hope is that Trendsetters becomes a legacy that people want to send their children to because they know it will be a positive step toward a successful future.

Tracy Palmer  Trendsetters FounderCW: What words of encouragement do you have for other women or mothers considering starting their child in modeling?
TP: Make sure they understand that beauty lies within and modeling is a positive reflection of that! It’s not about being a model; it’s about being a ROLE Model!

In closing, Tracy emphasized the three step process she uses in her life, “With God first, family second, and community third, success is inevitable!”

Contact: Tracy Palmer, CEO
Trendsetters Productions is located at 2096 S. Center Rd. Burton, MI (810)449-9356


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