Transformation Looks Good on You by Dr. Vikki Johnson

Vikki Johnson 1By Dr. Vikki Johnson

By faith, with love and support for you my Sister, I am challenging you to believe right now that today is the first day of the BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE. You must believe that God made you who you are, to do what He created you to do like only YOU can do it. The trauma, the struggle, the tragedies, the pain, the misery, the disappointments were and are all a part of God’s plan to shift you into the next stage of purpose. Yes, even your troubles are purpose driven. Often when we are going through these things, we ask “Why me?” However, I am asking you, “Why not you?”

The reality is that when we walk in God’s purpose for our lives, we walk in God’s power for our life!

The good news is that when you discover your purpose you will discover your passion ~ immediately ~ no matter your age, status, or level of education. Not sure of your purpose? I invite you to take a look at the areas of pain in your life.

Whatever you have survived is an indication of where God wants to use you to help other women by sharing your story!

The struggles in your life are not to punish you but to process you for your purpose!

Crisis causes us to surrender. We often hesitate to agree with God quickly because we anticipate that the process will be a lengthy one. However, I’m a witness that God makes everything beautiful in its own time. He is able to redeem time, reconcile time, and in some cases reverse time to achieve His purpose in our lives. Where you are is NOT where you are going to be in the end. You must know and understand that every encounter in your life is God’s intention for your life. God is working out His purpose in us and quite often, that “working out” is not pleasant. However, you must know that if God leads you to it ~ He’ll lead you through it. Do you know that your purpose waited for you to be born and that no one else can fulfill it the way you can?

This is the season of new beginnings, new relationships, new opportunities, new vision, a new YOU! Still you may be asking, “Why me?” Again I say, “Why not you?” because TRANSFORMATION looks good on you!

Dr. Vikki Johnson, CDKA is a sought after Speaker, Author, Mentor, Chaplain, Sisterhood Advocate, Spiritual Thought Leader and Living Kidney Donor. She is the visionary of Authentic Living Enterprises, LLC. Her mission is to empower women and girls to be great in the mirror first THEN in the marketplace. She recently released her highly anticipated book, Addicted To Counterfeit Love.

for more information on her passions: Sacred Sisterhood, Soul Wealth, and Spiritual Growth.

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