When Women Pray by Bishop Neal Roberson

Bishop Roberson
By Bishop Neal Roberson
Life can sometimes appear to have dealt one a bad hand, but we must understand that life isn’t a mistake; rather all things work together for the good of every individual that has discovered their purpose in life. One of the unique characteristics I discovered about my mother was that she always took time to show my sister the advantages of prayer. While she encouraged her to pray, she also told her that one day she would have a family and where money could not buy joy or peace, prayer would always prevail in any and every circumstance. She encouraged my sister to pursue the God given purpose for her life even when the odds were stacked against her because she was a woman. While, it seems a bit strange to make such a statement in 2014, the reality is that we live in a world that isn’t fair. After so many years of fighting for what is humanly right, it is important to remember that through prayer, women can and will prevail.

Women today have been abandoned and left to raise their children alone. In many instances, we find that they end up working, taking the children to school games, cooking, cleaning, going to college, and the list goes on. Through all of this, prayer has helped women have stood the test of time and succeed in every area!
Like my mother, it is my heart’s desire that women would discover their purpose and pursue it with every fiber of their being. One must remember that prayer isn’t an option in life–it’s a necessity. Either you discover it now or you discover it later.

There once was an older mother who lived in Arkansas and she had three children, two sons and a daughter. This mother was a praying woman as she often prayed that one day her children would have the opportunity to further their education by going to college. When her daughter finally graduated from high school, she prepared to go away to college. However, before she left home in pursuit of her purpose, her mother prayed to God for one thing which was that God would bring her daughter back home safe after graduating from college. The daughter left and after four years she graduated from college. Everyone back home was so proud and excited about her accomplishment and also because she had made the decision to head back home.

The family headed to the airport with signs and banners awaiting her arrival. While they were waiting in the airport for flight number 221 to land, the attendant came on the public address system and announced that flight number 221 had just crashed. The family members awaiting her arrival were quite heart-broken, weeping and distraught because of this news. After a while, everyone noticed that Mother was missing. Subsequently, she was found in a corner at the airport on her knees in prayer. Mother was reminding God about what she had asked him prior to her daughter going off to college. Just then, an airport attendant tapped her on the shoulder and told her that she had a telephone call. When Mother got to the telephone, a voice on the other end said, “MOM, I MISSED MY FLIGHT.” This is what happens when women PRAY.

Bishop Neal Roberson – Pastor
Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church
Flint, Michigan
Broken Chains Entertainment Music Group, Inc

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