Why is the Opening Weekend of a Movie So Important

IMG_45041-1The opening weekend of a movie is important because it could determine whether or not the movie will be a money-making box office smash or a financial loss.
Production studios, producers, and actors wait anxiously to hear the numbers for their movie’s opening weekend. Production studios and independent filmmakers want to hear the movie will make good on their investment. Writers and producers want to earn creditability.
Actress, comedienne and producer, Shondrella Avery, one of our two September 2017 cover stories, collaborated with singer, writer, & CEO Marques Houston and director, writer & founder of Footage Films, Chris Stokes to form a production team which has released six movies in two years The team’s upcoming movie, “Til Death Do Us Part” starring Taye Diggs, premieres Tomorrow, September 29. Michael (Stephen Bishop) and Madison (Annie Alonzeh) had planned to spend the rest of their lives together until Michael’s controlling ways spoiled their perfect marriage.
This is going to be an awesome movie, please get out this weekend and support this movie!

Shondrella Avery

As a child, Shondrella Avery made sure everyone she encountered knew about her dreams and goals. “I am going to be a singing star!” she exclaimed. Somehow, her parents knew that she would be someone special–that’s why they gave her such a boisterous name. Inspired by a street name at Disneyland, her parents came up with the name ‘Shondrella.’ “My father said I was going to be like Cinderella,” she recalled, and she says she has truly had a fairytale life. “All my dreams are coming true, thank God!” she said.

Not only is Shondrella an impressive actress, an illustrious comedienne, and a striving film and television producer, she is also a dedicated wife and philanthropist. She believes in service and giving back: “Service is always important. I am a service-oriented human being. Nothing I do will ever be without me giving back. Actors have to find a way to bridge the gap between the blessings of what we receive and those who are disenfranchised.”

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