Want to write for a magazine?

writerWant to write for a magazine?

Do you have exceptional writing skills and want to showcase your writing? Are you an expert, author or speaker who wants to leverage your brand and increase your opportunities? Writing for Courageous Woman Magazine could be just what you are looking for to help increase your internet presence, extend your network or add to your writing resume or portfolio.

Courageous Woman Magazine is an inspirational publication that highlights the accomplishments of extraordinary women. We are always looking for amazing stories on women who have great achievements and success, from everyday women and moms to national celebrities.

If you have an inspirational story or would like to submit one about a courageous woman, we’d love to share it on www.Courageouswomanmag.com. and possibly in our digital publication.

Submit a COURAGEOUS WOMAN STORY article in 400 words or less and include 1-2 photos. Must be an inspirational article that encourages others and not advertising for a business. The business can be mentioned in the article, however, if it is overly promotional, we will not print it. We have special programs for advertising or promoting your business, products or books.

Article must be submitted as a text document, not a graphic design layout.
Must not go over the word count or it want get published. We will not edit it down.

Here are a few sections we’re looking to add for 2017

writeWHATCHA Cookin? – This is a “CHEFS ONLY” featured section. Chefs can submit a recipe with photo of the food cooked, head shot and one “About me” paragraph. Must be an original recipe from the chef and not copied from the internet. Recipe must include list of ingredients and detailed directions.

DIY– Got an amazing Do IT Yourself project that you’d like to share and tell others how to make? Submit the “How to” steps numbered, include clear photos, a list of supplies needed to make it and your name and info. We love easy to make home furnishings, refurbishing items, and design or a dime projects.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS – Article must be uplifting and encouraging about love and relationships. No relationship badgering type articles. Word count 300-400 max

– This is our motivational section for motivational speakers, coaches, and ministers who want to share a brief article with power packed words of encouragement. The word count is 150 words max. Articles from this section will be picked to be in our digital issue

SPIRITUALLY UPLIFTING – This section is for ministers who want to share a spiritually uplifting article. 300-400 words max

ON STAGE – This is a feature section for women in entertainment who perform as singers, actors, musician, comedians, spoken word artists who have an upcoming performance or stage show. Submit the following:

  1. Performers name
  2. Brief background
  3. Show title
  4. About The Show
  5. 1-3 performance photos
  6. Show dates and times
  7. Location (Venue, city and state)
  8. Ticket info

If its a concert, comedy show or a play, submit the full details for it. Including cast, producers, tour and other promotional info.

Reviews – If your show is in the Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, or Atlanta area and you’d like us to come, and write a review, let us know at least 1-2 weeks in advance and we’ll get out to review your show. 2 complimentary tickets must be provided to writer.

Include your name on each article
Add a title to all articles
Add byline at the end of articles (3 sentence max)
Save the document file as a text file with your name and section name
Add the word count at the top right side of the page

Do not submit article already set in designed layout
Do not go over word count specified for that section or it want get published. We are not editing/reducing word count. It MUST BE submitted as requested.
Please use the “DO” section as a checklist for submitting your articles.
Do not submit a PDF or non-editable document

Submit your articles today. Be sure to put the word “Submission” and section name in the subject box.
Example: Submission-ON STAGE. Send to: TheCWMagazine@yahoo.com

If you’re interested in becoming an editor
for a special section or joining our writing staff for assignments, please contact us at: info@courageouswomanmag.com

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