Let Average Go By Joseph B. Washington

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Let Average Go
7 Keys To Turn Your Average Into Awesome
By Joseph B. Washington

Courageous Woman Magazine’s Top 10 Best Books To Read list (June 2016)

“Let Average Go” will encourage people to take a moment and reflect on who they are; where they are in life; and where they want to be. “Let Average Go” will help teenagers, adults, children and seniors change their minds, their attitudes; examine their capabilities—and reexamine their possibilities. Are you an Average Breaker? Begin your journey today!



Joseph Washington picCW: What motivated you to write this book?
JW: I wrote this book because I was living such a average life. When I realize that my average living was not just effecting me but everybody that was around me, I knew I needed to change.
CW: Who are you speaking to with this book?
JW: I’m speaking to moms, dads, youth, teens, ceo’s, business owners and anyone who ready to go from Average to Awesome.
CW: What do you want readers to take from this book?
JW: I want to them to know that you don’t have to settle for average. That you can design the life you have always wanted when you began to trust in the 7 keys I have outline in my book. The 7 keys were created from the word Average and they are…
A-dopt A Positive Attitude.
V-alue Your Time.
E-nlist the Help of a Mentor.
R-ead Daily,
A-nticipate Opposition. 
G-uard Your Goals.
E-mpower Your Belief System. 
CW: Where is your book available?
JW: You can order my book at www.letaveragego.com
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