Soaring Against The Wind With Wings of Faith by Silver Rae Fox

silver-rae-foxSoaring Against The Wind With Wings of FAITH

by Silver Rae Fox

It fascinates me to understand that caterpillars turn into butterflies. They crawl around on their bellies until it’s time to spin a cocoon, and then they spend their time inside it undergoing a unique and incredible change. They break out of those cocoons and take to flying as if they knew it was always meant to be. The truth is, the “caterpillar life” is only meant to be temporary, and once that caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it can’t ever return to that existence again.

“FAITH is your heart

telling you to be bold,

be very BOLD.”  -Silver Rae Fox

Our faith is meant to be transforming, just like that caterpillar. I’ve been in that dark, transforming place like the caterpillar many times. An amazing metamorphosis was always taking place. My “wings of faith” were developing and strengthening, and necessarily so. How else can you soar over overwhelming obstacles, despairing difficulties and devastating grief? I’ve experienced it all. I am indeed a woman with wings, often relentlessly flapping as hard as I can each day against the wind, determined to keep soaring. I praise God every day that I’m still in flight! ~ S.R.F.

Partial excerpt (p.49) “What is FAITH? Faith is Notes and Quotes to Encourage and Inspire You” by Silver Rae Fox. Available on

For more than 35 years, Silver Rae Fox has empowered others as personal and professional development coach, instructor, speaker and corporate trainer. She is also host of FOXOLOGY TODAY, a Lifestyle and Empowerment Media Program. The show airs on Blog Talk Radio.

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