Let Your Life Count by Donna Partow

By Telishia Berry

The book, Let Your Life Count is a true eye-opener. Every woman who desires to be a vessel for God and make a difference with her life but is not sure how to do it, should read this book. The author, Donna Partow tells how God can use absolutely anybody. This book is a dynamic road map on how to let your life count and live with purpose by just being yourself, walking in humility, and having a teachable heart. Let Your Life Count will stir you up.

After reading this book, I was inspired to move forward on several things that I had been procrastinating about, including publishing CW Magazine. I am so glad I read the book, Let Your Life Count. If you have dreams or visions tugging in your spirit, or if you know you want God to use you and not sure what direction to go, you should buy this book today. You will not be the same after reading it!


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