Noreen N. Henry: Co-Author, Girl Get Up and Win

Noreen N. Henry: Co-Author, Girl, Get Up and Win

Noreen N. Henry is originally from London, England.  She migrated to the United States in her late teens.  She has three adult children and three grandchildren.

Like many, Noreen went through a lot of difficult adversity that caused areas of her life to be broken.  But Noreen didn’t stay broken or let the brokenness stop her from advancing in her life.  She overcame the odds by working through the brokenness.

Noreen is a #1 international best-selling author, coach, speaker and trainer.  She is the founder & CEO of Victorious Living Culture, is a certified John Maxwell Team leader, an ordained minister, and health educator who is known for her knowledge, wisdom, and understanding; and she is also known for instant results. Noreen continues to thrive and has authored 10+ books including contributing author to Girl Get Up and Win.

Brokenness: To Overcome It, by Noreen N. Henry

I wrote this chapter because brokenness is a topic I never hear much about. Not only that, there are so many people that are broken and are just existing that do not know they are broken or know that the brokenness can be overcome.  This is to bring awareness to the topic of brokenness.

“There is always hope!”


My hope for readers

My hope is that readers will analyze their lives to determine if they are broken.  And if they determine that they are broken, to know that they can do something about it, and can get help to overcome it.

Words of Encouragement

Life is full of ups and downs, but we can still live in joy, peace, and happiness.  Even with the ups and downs, we are to continue moving forward and fight life through and work through the circumstances to victory.  I can testify to this because of the many adversities I have gone through, I have come through on the other side of it.  In this way, we create better legacies and show others that we can change for the better.  There is always hope to overcome brokenness.


A courageous woman is..

A courageous woman doesn’t quit or let her circumstances get the better of her because she rises up, keeps moving forward positively while she works through her life issues, and overcomes them to victory.

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