Meet Elizabeth Morrell Fitness Expert for Courageous Woman Magazine

Meet Courageous Woman Magazine’s fitness expert, Elizabeth Morrell.

By Telishia Berry

She is a fitness trainer and owner of the Fitness Range Fitness Center located in Temecula, California.The Fitness Range offers cycle classes, personal training and group training, boot camps, and yoga.

As a real estate broker, Elizabeth Morrell was dedicated to helping people get the best deals. But when the real estate market fell, she decided to turn her love of fitness into a career. Again, she dedicated herself to helping others, but this time it would be helping others reach their fitness goals. Elizabeth knew the challenges of being overweight since she was once overweight and lost 115 lbs.

I had a chance to experience Elizabeth’s cycle class. Biking is certainly good exercise, and she leads her cycle class in a way to get you pumped and motivated. You will definitely get a good workout. I had the opportunity to speak with Elizabeth about her weight loss journey and her love of helping others get on a healthy track and lose weight.

CW: What prompted you to make the decision to lose weight?

EM: Every day, I was taking the little pill for hypertension. Then I had to have my gallbladder removed. That surgery was a life-changing experience for me. When I found out that the problem was the things I was eating, I had to make a change. I made a decision to live.

CW: You lost 115 lbs. How did you do that?

EM: The gallbladder surgery forced me to change my life and diet. After the surgery I said, “I want to lose 100 lbs.” I was actually joking; however, I slowly lost 115 lbs. by exercising consistently, eating on smaller plates, doing resistance training with weights, cardio, and cycle classes.

CW: Was the slow process discouraging?

EM: Yes it was, but I kept telling myself to “Stay focused.” I had to stop doing it [trying to lose weight] for vanity reasons and think about my health. I changed my focus from “I want to be fly” to “I want to live.”

CW: What do you think about the popular diets and diet pills on the market today?

If it were in a bottle everyone would be fit. The only thing that really helps you to lose weight is proper diet and exercise. You have to learn to control what you eat. I had to learn to control what I put in my mouth. No one was putting a gun to my head saying eat this pizza, eat this and that.

If you want to have a happy, healthy life, focus on a healthy diet and an exercise regimen. Elizabeth Morrell will share fitness and nutrition tips. You are welcome to post comments on her articles or send in your questions for her to answer. Email questions to:
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