Creating a Winning Social Media Presence

By FaLessia Booker

Ladies, it’s time to get cozy with social media. I mean snuggle up to it. Get a blanket, a warm cup of cocoa and sit down next to a roaring fire with because it is not going away. Your online presence affects so many aspects of your life, from what chimes shall be offered to social is invitations you’ll receive. Here’s an easy, though not quick, way of creating an online version of yourself that will impress other people and position you for the best opportunities.

1. Use sites like or Brand Yourself to guide you along the process of creating and also online presence. Both of these sites are free but have paid options with additional features.

2. Start with places you know people will look for you. Facebook is a no-brainer. If you have a common name, look for ways to distinguish yourself from all the other “Tracy Smiths.” This is one time a unique name actually works in your favor, provided everything about you online this positive. If it isn’t positive, Facebook provides plenty of security options to lock down your profile so that only people that you want to see those provocative photos can view them. Look for the lock in the top left corner Take time to double check your settings. Anything that is marked “public” can be seen by anyone, so make sure that it’s positive–best face forward.

3. After setting up an awesome Facebook profile, Twitter is your next stop. Twitter allows you to tell the world what you’re thinking about in140 characters or less. Remember that you can use Twitter to send pictures and links too, though you should use a service like to shorten your web links so you don’t use up too many of your precious 140 characters.

4. Don’t forget about Google+. A relatively new kid on the social media block, Google+ is still experiencing major growth spurts, which means that if you master learning it, you’ll be one of the few (which is great to list in your resume). An added advantage for you single ladies is that the majority of Google+users are men–so if you can get in and be the cool girl who uses Google+, then all the better. Just remember to write Google + and not Google Plus.

5. For those of you looking for girlfriends to share a common interest with, Pinterest is the place to be. Most of interest users are widows with children, and so that’s the place to find lots of cool crafts; yummy recipes; and hair, nail, and clothing tips.

Finally, the most important thing is not to let social media intimidate you. It really isn’t hard and once learned, it is a valuable tool at your disposal to present yourself as a current, knowledgeable and technologically sound 21st Century woman! Remember this process, like anything worthwhile, takes time, but it is definitely worth it!

FaLessia Booker is an information expert, social media marketer, community advocate, writer, wife, and mother. You can reach her at

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