Radio Host Cassie Gainey Gets The Women to Tell All

Cassie Gainey

Cassie Gainey is an accomplished actress, model, associate tv producer, host, writer, radio personality, motivational speaker & survivor.

She is the Host/Executive Producer of Ladies Tell All Show
This show brings the BEST of the Real Talent, Real People, Real Life events along with Love & Relationship advice. Completely in the RAW; it rolls with the very BEST Entertainment has to offer from Celebrities to Best-Selling Authors from the Brightest and Biggest names in Entertainment today; But in a very Positive & Motivating way. This show strives to give our listening audience here in the US and Abroad an Excellent fun filled show LIVE every Monday Nights at 8:30 pm est & Thursday Nights at 9:00 pm est on Blog Talk Radio so come and join us each week for some LIVE Entertainment with lots of Encouragement, Fun & Laughter for everyone!

We spoke with Ms. Cassie about her career:

CW: How did you get started in Radio?
CG: I was asked to Co-Host on a Blogtalkradio Show called Mr Blueberry Gossip to draw back his listening audience members. His listeners took a strong liking to me and wanted to hear more of me. Which, brought out the ego and caused jealously and the demised of a successful show. A former Co-host from this show had created there own show called Ladies Tell All Empowerment/Independence! Fuel 4 The Mind/Soul they listened to the show and loved the energy and how I connected with the audience; and became very interested in having me as a Co-Host. I excepted the position and now I am not only the host but the Executive Producer/Talent Coordinator. The show has been striving and going strong every since.

CW: What is the premise of your radio show?
CG: The premise of the Ladies Tell All Show is to give people all over the world EMPOWERMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT, POSITIVITY, HOPE, THE RAW TRUTH and lots of LAUGHTER and FUN. This show also features people from all walks of life in every field to give them a speaking platform.

CW: Who are you trying to reach with your radio show?
CG: Everyone who is in need of EMPOWERMENT and needs to Speak up and Speak out

CW: What is one of the funniest things one of your guest revealed?
CG: One of my guests had an obsession with homemade pound cake and began naming the different types of pound cakes, which, we thought was just hilarious none of which, she could make so therefore, she would have to travel back to her home town of Chicago to enjoy that obsession.

CW: What is your description of a Courageous Woman?
CG: My definition of a Courageous Woman is a lady who has survived the hard obstacles of life that was put in front of her. A Courageous Woman is a lady who knows whats she wants and makes it her business to obtain the blessings and gifts God has bestowed upon her. She prays continuously and keeps her eye on the Sparrow. A Courageous Woman will never let another woman fall or her fellow man. She has dignity, grace and is humble. She knows how to admit when she is wrong but holds her head up high because she knows that God has her back. A Courageous Woman is a Lady who will always defy the odds.

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  2. Excellent interview wirh a wonderful person. Providing advise, with positivity and empowerment one listener at a time. Beautiful publication

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