Odor-Eliminating Underwear, Oh My!

What has your underwear done for you lately?

That’s the question that the creators of the Knix Wear under garments asked in their mission statement when they invented underwear that features their own Fresh Fix Technology™. Yes, believe it. There is a team of panty-makers who have come up with underwear that eliminates odor and reduces moisture to keep you feeling dry all day long. With a thin absorbent gusset inserted into the lining of the undies, they promise you will never feel like you’re wearing anything less than your favorite comfortable underwear. From lace thongs to boy shorts, there are numerous styles to choose from.

This team says it’s time that your underwear does more and they have set out to prove to you that underwear can really do more.

Wow, what will they think of next? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to try out this new underwear. You can try them too by ordering online or finding them at a store near you. Click here.

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One Thought to “Odor-Eliminating Underwear, Oh My!”

  1. CW Staff

    Can’t wait to get a pair!

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