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Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Holistic Life Coach Dr. Shaurice Mullins will be my guest on the Courageous Woman Radio Show Tuesday June 17, 2014. The show airs on ICBS Radio, 111.3 FM in Los Angeles and online at at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST every Tuesday.

Dr. Shaurice Mullins is known as a bold, radical, servant of God with the reputation of “keeping it real”. As the Pastor and Founder of Present Truth Holistic Ministries, Inc. located in Wilson N.C., her holistic approach to ministry and uncompromising methods of teaching the Word of God with simplicity, has inspired many to be convinced, converted, and enlightened, and has empowered both men and women for nearly twenty years.

As the CEO and Founder of The Processed Woman, Inc., Dr. Mullins, has accepted the spiritual assignment of tearing down the strongholds which have been detrimental to the spiritual and mental growth of woman for many generations. Her leadership expertise combined with her depth of spiritual knowledge enables her to deliver life-changing messages to women that inspire them to walk their own authentic journey. Her messages and methods of teaching have motivated women of all walks of life to take the steps needed to become the person they were predestined to be.

In addition to the interview I asked Dr. Mullins a few more questions:

TB: You book is entitled The Process Woman, Your Purpose is On The Other Side: Will you please define a Processed Woman?
SM: A Processed Woman has certain qualities. “See, I have tested you in the furnace of affliction” states Isaiah 48:10. A furnace is hot and uncomfortable. Like a clay vase in a kiln, a Processed Woman has been refined through life’s experiences. Life can be uncomfortable and extremely painful to bear-but a Processed Woman thrives, she experiences praise, glory, and honor as God reveals himself through her life. (Page 5-6)

TB: In your book, you speak about the differences between love and pleasure. Explain the difference and what a woman should know before entering into relationship.
SM: A women should truly KNOW AND LOVE HERSELF before entering into a relationship. A relationship should be 100/100 not 50/50. Just in case you didn’t know, the 50/50 split is what we do when we divorce! Instead, both individuals should come to the table 100%. “How can we truly love or know love when we do not love ourselves enough to discover our Soul Purpose? We constantly seek things beyond ourselves, and these things are the same temporary pleasures leading to our demise. Loving someone is only a temporary illusion if you do not love yourself. It is also an illusion if you have not discovered the bliss within yourself. Simply put, that artificial substitute is no match for real love.” (pg. 28).

To often we as women spend a lot of time looking for someone else to complete us and make us feel whole. Therefore, we find ourselves lost and sometimes even settling for less than God’s best. Remember, you can not give to someone else what you do NOT possess. Therefore, if you do not possess the knowledge of yourself (who and whose you really are), love yourself, respect yourself, or know what it is you truly desire, you should not enter into a relationship.

Keep in mind, a man should not be an “upgrade”, a “come up”, or a “bench mark for success”. His success is his own, it is not yours! You both should be a blessing and a compliment to each other. You both should add value to each other’s lives. This makes for a successful relationship.

TB: What are 3 things a woman needs to know about understanding her purpose?
SM: 1) People expect a “ready-made” purpose, but most of the time we have to work our way into our purpose by preparation. Everything we experience in life is either God ordained or God allowed. No matter what it might be, everything is for our personal growth and soul involvement. There is a “process” to purpose. Embrace the process. Do not fight change. Embrace change. You will soon discover that there was purpose in your pain, in your lost, in your giving, and in your prayers. All of these things were designed to make you, not break you. The broken roads you travel are only designed to lead you to your destiny!

2) Walking in faith is not always easy. Where there is faith, fear is not too far away. I often times say that we need to learn how to punch fear in the face and keep it moving! Fear, which I identify as FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL, is only an illusion. With God, all things are possible. Those mountains are but molehills in his presence. Face your fears head on. Do not allow fear to rob you of the your birthright. You have the power of God with you and in you, so go for it. YOU CAN’T LOSE!

3) The things we go through is not about all about us. Know that your life, your testimony, your personal experiences are to be used for the glory of God. We have no idea how much our testimonies bless others. We have no idea how much our lives inspire others. This is all a part of our purpose, passing along the jewels that we take from each of our life lessons. This is all a part of our purpose of living this thing we call life.

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