Amy Westbrook Shares What Keeps Women From Earning Less Than Their Male Counterparts

What keeps women from earning less than their male counterparts?

Women underestimate their value and therefore are not as aggressive in seeking promotions and pay raises.  Men will apply for a job/promotion with about 60% of the qualifications whereas women seek to satisfy 100% of the requirements.  We need to go for the promotions and ask for those raises!  Create a level of value where they can’t say no.

AMY WESTBROOK – The Money MoJo Coach
Through one on one coaching and my online programs, women shift the way they think about, spend, and grow their money.  Helping women have a confident, empowered and abundant mindset means women are sewing enriched seeds for an enriched future for their children.  These financially savvy women model positive habits, ensuring kids don’t repeat a cycle of money stress, scarcity and struggle. My purpose on this earth is to end this cycle.

Upgrading your financial education generates the opportunities and financial security you work hard for.  I hope you’ll join this non-judgmental money conversation!  Get free tips, strategies and inspiration at or check out my Facebook page, The Money MoJo Coach

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