Anoopa Todd: The Courage to Serve

Anoopa Todd- U of M Flint Alumni- Featured in the Women Moving Flint Forward issue

The Courage to Serve

“Committed to the community, dedicated to the progress. We all win when we work together!”

My courageous story began over 40 years ago in New Delhi, India. I was one of many children who were parentless and destitute in the care of Mother Theresa’s Orphanage. Fast forward to the present and I have a different narrative. As an American citizen, I have one filled with hope, resilience, and reciprocity. I am determined to support my community the same way my village has supported me. I serve as I hold many hats: Precinct Delegate Grand Blanc Township, President Rotary Club of Grand Blanc, Appointed Land Bank Citizens Advisory Board, Vice President Genesee County Neighborhood Watch, YWCA Board member and candidate for the Grand Blanc School Board. Public service isn’t a choice but a life style that most certainly gives me life.

Anoopa Todd
Early Childhood Associate Professor
Baker College
Major: Education
Fall 2002 (MA)



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