Ashida Onrae: Believe in the Power of YOU!

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by Ashida Onrae

Ashida Onrae says, ask any successful entrepreneur what qualities you need the most and they are likely to say drive and passion. Drive and passion will fuel you as an entrepreneur.

Drive is what will motivate you.

Drive is what makes someone to not want to be mediocre. It is this drive that brings people to make the jump into being their own boss.

The passion that the entrepreneur has, along with their drive and determination, is often the X-factor to a successful business. It is imperative that an entrepreneur follow a passion because passion is key. Drive, passion, the sheer power of persistence, and reassuring yourself that you possess the qualifications needed will take you from where you are now–to where you want to be.


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YOU are the single most important element in your business!

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Featured in The September 2017 issue of Courageous Woman Magazine The #1 online magazine for women

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