Comedienne Allison Moore: Laugh Therapy

Allison ComedianComedienne Allison Moore

By Telishia Berry

What does Laughter mean to you?
Laughter to me means the outward expression of an internal reaction to real hilarity. It’s the undeniable response to something funny. Some things are funny, but don’t provoke a laugh. Maybe it’s funny and you just smile or maybe it’s funny but all you do is type “lol” with no other physical expression at all. But when someone actually laughs, to me it means they fell upon something so hilarious, that it moved them to express it externally. I work to get people to laugh!

As a comedian, How does it feel when people laugh and don’t laugh?
As a comedian, I need people to laugh. It’s frustrating when they don’t because laughter is how my skill and performance is measured. I will say that different audiences “laugh” differently. Some are emotional laugh-ers (i.e., audiences who laugh loud and hard, flailing their arms,etc.) and then some are reserved laugh-ers (i.e. audiences who laugh quietly as they clap and whistle). But I need them to laugh, or else that’s not good for me. It doesn’t feel good. It happens to every comedian at times (some way more often than others), but I don’t like it.

What or who inspires you to continue in comedy?
My initial inspiration came from a comedian Pastor James Taylor Jr. of Portsmouth, VA. Prior to him I had NEVER, EVER considered doing comedy. Ever. One evening I was hosting an event where he performed comedy, and he opened up by saying, “I don’t know why y’all hired me when Allison is funny. She should be a comedian.” That day was the birthing of me as a comedienne. Many others have inspired my performance or grind, but he was the one that the Lord used to kick my comedy career off. After he performed that night, we talked, and that night I decided to “try” comedy. The rest is history.

Allison MooreWhat keeps you motivated?
My motivation comes from the Lord, but it switches back and forth changing with the season. Sometimes He motivates me externally through people (ex: people I run into in public who’ve seen me perform and they tell me how much they enjoyed me), or internally when I’m feeling as if I don’t want to quit now because of the investment and sacrifice that I’ve made to get to where I am.

What are some of your other aspirations?
My other aspirations include: running a full-fledged business with employees, economic power, and influence in my local community. Also, I aspire to preach the gospel and become a motivational speaker.

If the world would listen to you what would you say?
If the world would listen to me, I would say: Every gift and talent that you have, came from the Lord, and He was intentional when He gave them to you. He wants you to use them to create wealth for yourself, be a blessing and example to others, and to give Him glory as the Ultimate Gift-Giver.

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