Comedienne Hope Flood: Laughter Therapy

Comedian Hope FloodComedienne Hope Flood

by Telishia Berry

What does laughter mean to you?
It means that people are happy or trying to be. It’s a medicine and it can be contagious.

As a comedian, how does it feel when someone laughs or doesn’t?
When they laugh, I know I’ve done my job and used the gift God gave me to heal the world with laughter. When they don’t laugh, I feel like I didn’t give them what they came for and I would fix it next time.

Who or what inspired you to do comedy?

I knew I wanted to be in the business since I was 5 years old. I was in school plays, talent shows, and did skits all the time. I’m inspired by the greats of course: Whoopi Goldberg, DL Hughley, and Richard Pryor. Monique inspires me because it lets me know I can get to the other side of my career and achieve success as a woman in comedy.

What motivates you to continue your journey in comedy?
Comedy is truly a gift from God. It’s my destiny and I’ve put in a lot of time and made so many sacrifices! I need to see the fruit of my labor, you know, that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

What are some of your other aspirations

To have my own talk show, to get married to the love of my life, to see my grandkids, to grow old with the one I love, to have successful businesses with multiple streams of income.

If the world would listen to you, what is the one thing you would say?
Find happiness, live with no regrets, but LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH & HOPE!

Founder of Comics Rock Convention
Stand Up Comedian for almost 30 years
Hustler, Mother, & Media Mogul

Featured in The September 2017 issue of Courageous Woman Magazine The #1 online magazine for women

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