Comedienne Stacey Stacy: Laugh Therapy

Stacey Lynn StacyStacey Stacy

What does laughter mean to you?
Laughter is medicine. Proverbs 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine…(ESV)

How does it feel when the audience laughs or doesn’t laugh?
My feelings about the audience laughter? It is very important to me that the audience has a good time and leaves the show happy and uplifted.

What or who inspired you to do comedy?

I was inspired to do comedy because I personally love to laugh and make others laugh too.

What motivated you?
I am motivated to do comedy because people are hurting and need an outlet. I want to inspire and amuse others.

What are some of your other aspirations
Some of my other aspirations are to get my first film of many distributed.

If the world would listen to you, what is one thing you would say?
If I could say one thing to the world and it would listen, it would be to know that the world is growing cold, love is waning, but we are prompted to love our neighbor by Abba Father, and so we should come together as often as we can in love, light, and laughter.

Featured in The September 2017 issue of Courageous Woman Magazine The #1 online magazine for women

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