Courageous Woman On The Move: Deria Brown

deria Brown 1As a child Deria Brown would practice being “the boss” in various business transactions. As an adult her path led her to sharpen her skillset in business ventures as a Salon Owner and then later, becoming a licensed Securities Broker managing multi-million dollar portfolios.

Although corporate America was amazing that old entrepreneurial “itch” to create returned with vengeance. Deria has spent years in ministry developing her character to add alongside to her business acumen which allowed a woman of integrity and business savvy to emerge.

Deria Brown is a wife, mother, radio and television co-host, entrepreneur, author and church leader. Glam Life Global houses her cosmetics companies, launched in 2009, Glambugg Cosmetics and most recently Glam R.O.C. K Cosmetics. The companies have been featured on major television networks; ABC and CBS and represent both the feminine side of Mrs. Brown and the edgy, hard core style she rocks.

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