Courageous Woman Radio Guest. Dr. Jinneh Dyson

DR. DysonMy guest tonight on the Courageous Woman Radio Show is Dr. Jinneh Dyson. She is a speaker, author, and Mental Health Advocate.

The show will air Tuesday August 5, 2014, on ICBS Radio, 111.3 FM in Los Angeles and online at at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST and every Tuesday.

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Dr. Jinneh is a well-sought after speaker, non-profit consultant, and a mental health advocate who specializes in teaching people how to “Think UP”. Dr. Jinneh’s passion for helping people overcome adversaries stems from the agony that she felt when she lost her mother to cancer at the age of 14. Attempting to mask the pain, she gave in to many of the struggles and low expectations and perceptions of self that affects youth today who are lacking parental guidance and support. However, Dr. Jinneh’s positive attitude and determined spirit would not hinder her progress for long. Refusing to become another negative statistic, she worked diligently to beat the odds.
Dr. Jinneh is the author of international best-selling book, Think Your Way Up: 21 Mental Habits of High Performance People. She is also the author of Success Beyond Stress: The Blueprint to Overcoming Stress and Beating Depression;

Cover - Think Your Way Up (Indesign CS).inddDiscover the habits that make the greats GREAT!
Why do some people rise to the top while most don’t? The answer isn’t attributed to social status, genetics, or even being lucky. Ironically, quite the opposite is true. Most top performers spent portions of their lives overcoming challenges that would not imply that they would one day become successful. But they refused to quit. They chose to turn setbacks into comebacks.

Successful people think and act differently than most. Their approach to life causes them to get the edge on their competition, manage their time effectively, and enjoy the fruits of a successful career. In this book, Dr. Jinneh Dyson hands over the research-based blueprint for elevating your performance in every area of your life to another

Her book, Success Beyond Stress: The Blueprint to Overcoming Stress and Beating Depression; for is available for FREE Click here

Tune in tonight to listen to how to Think Your Way into success!


Dr. Jenna is also hosting a contest/giveaway. 2 Winners will receive a prize page that includes:
1. The book – Think Your Way Up, 21 Mental Habits of High Performance People

2. 90- Minute Coaching session with Dr.Jinneh
3. Gift card from Starbucks Coffee

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