Dr. Ericka L. McKnight: Courageous African American Business Woman

“Freedom and the ability to write my own paycheck, work schedule and employ others. I felt the need to educate, empower and enrich others on financial empowerment.” -Dr. Ericka McKnight


Dr. Ericka L. McKnight

International bestselling, multi-award-winning author, speaker, entrepreneur, certified mental health aid, and philanthropist. She is also the first female African American to own a real estate school in the southeastern region! As well as owning ELM Realty Estate Firm.


ELM School of Real Estate provides innovative education and resources for real estate agents, aspiring real estate agents, entrepreneurship training, coaching, and homeownership services from A-Z. In multiple states in the United States. Their mission is to create ambassadors of generational wealth around the world.


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For more information, about Dr. Ericka L. McKnight and her team visit any social media outlet & her websites:

FB: @elmsuccesstrainer

IG: @elmschoolofrealestate

Linkedin: Ericka L Mcknight





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